Pure Midwestern Quality

"Every single ingredient on a Doll n' Burger has a story, has a reason, has a purpose. We just want to share that with as many people as possible." - Justin Dalenberg, Founder


Housemade Buns

Buttery, beautifully browned buns set the foundation for our incredible homemade burgers. Daily, we replenish our supply from our sister company, Grand River Brewery, to ensure quality freshness.  Unlike other buns, ours go through a fermentation process, air pockets are formed which sets the stage for a mouth-watering burger. These buns will head straight from our ovens to your plates with nothing left to desire.


Beauty in Burger

You can taste quality in every bite, so why not make each one perfect? At Doll n' Burgers, we believe in investing in our communities which is why we partner locally to get farm-fresh meat daily. Ground by our people, for our people, Doll n Burgers promotes the importance of the highest-grade beef. The perfectly crunchy crust that coats our burger makes one yummy mouthful.


Farm Fresh

While we delight in the basics of our burgers, the vegetables we use are the perfect companion to enhance each flavor. Utilizing local relationships, our vegetables are provided from farm to table. We believe partnering with the community will help people realize the excitement of Jackson. The union of local vegetables and our combination of fresh elements completes our Doll n' Burger.